Onixan Productions

A New Universe Awaits You

project: kogawarriors

Story Synopsis:

In this galactic fantasy we find a world that gives birth to energy sources around planet Diosa. The core part of where this energy grows is kept by an ancient civilization known as Koga. The guardians police the land and others nearby to protect those who live within the area and keep the peace, until an old rival shows up wanting a particular set of stones known as the Onistones which are used to keep the gates of Koga incanted and used as a stronghold to keep the evil out. Lucin enters a whole new level of being as he now owns a rare Onistone as it’s now a part of him, what new powers does Lucin hold will be shown. The Ancients and the warriors of Koga will defend and stop at nothing to fend off Lucin and his dark legions from attaining the Onistone’s and the inner core entrance to planet Diosa.

Feature 1

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