Onixan Productions

A New Universe Awaits You

The Story



Far into an unknown galaxy is a planet of great immensity known as Diosa. This world holds great powers along with hidden secrets to its past. The planet gives birth to an energy source known as Onixan’s which for centuries have been guarded by the formation of Koga. Koga is a land rich in Onixan structures which are harvested by the keepers of the land to safeguard this particular source of energy from the hands of the unwieldy and deranged. For this reason Koga had gates built upon the land. The gates of Koga are the strongest of the planet for it is incanted with an encrypted spell of Trinity. The spell is a barricade for any who attempt to enter without the consented passage of the ancients.

The ancients have always been around since the formation of the stars or so the fable goes. But they are known for being the core structure for all life around them. It is unclear how it all began since the information is not of importance to the beings but to live and harvest the newly formed energy of the planet & the safeguarding of its wellbeing. 

Policing the lands around the Koga structure are those who fight to defend the core zones of energy to keep a balance as others have attempted to enter Koga by force but all have failed. The warriors of Koga are the first defense in keeping the peace but will never tolerate an attack. Defending Koga by any means necessary is apart of their code and many join in honor of it and will die to be a Koga Warrior!