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Onixan for LIFE!

Yeah, that title would make for a great tattoo! LOL, So the Onixan web-site has a whole NEW look! Yes! We're SUPER EXCITED ALL CAPS!!! Although Onixan has been around since 1999 and technically I'm the one still pushing to see this production house come to life along with Kermit L Gonzalez we're sticking it out until the dream is a reality. Too many years has been invested with people and time to just let loose of it all. 

The inSANity that is Onixan Productions

The inSANity that is Onixan Productions

We're standing our ground! We're focusing more on good stories and training ourselves to be even more professional than ever. Although we may be playful within the social media channels we still maintain a serious devotion to our craft and that's why SquareSpace has been our last saving grace. We're locked and loaded with stories and art. Now get ready to see the FUN we've invoked upon the world. ;)

So if you're Onixan for LIFE! Then you'll wait just a little longer!